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        • Product name:Double ended boring machine
        • Product number:CKJ250/CKJ350
        • Market price:
        • Sale price:
        • Shelf time:2018-11-15
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        The cylinder roller Core-double tool post hole boring CNC lathe machine is one a new special CNC machine for gravure printing cylinder making, this machine is used for cylinder roller cone hole processing and flat surface and external circular arc angle. And adopt four axis servo control system, it has molten body and rectangle guide-rail, it keep machine strong intensity, rigidity and good shock absorption, compact structure.

        High efficiency, it can be make circle and bore at same time in one time clamp, and to improve processing accurate and reduce process time. To ensure that the cylinder roller wall hole alignment, reduce focuses on weighting cylinder roller.

        High auto level, simply and safety operating. and worker can be mount guard by the simple training, also can operate more machine tools at the same time after skilled.

        It adopts in pairs mechanical clamping device of three jaw synchronization on both sides, do not have to adjust the workpiece center, the simply clamping and safely reliable.

        Auto induction processing cylinder length, and there is no need manual measurement.

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        Established in March 2001. Dongguan Dongyun Machinery Making Co,.Ltd. is Sino-HongKong joint venture enterprise. It is the largest manufacture, which is specialized in developing and making gravure equipment in China. We always insist on a principle that "quality, R&D, market, ".and got a high reputation in the market.

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